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DaJon J.

DaJon J. is an award-winning, internationally recognized brand that has been published in numerous magazines and digital publications. As a featured New York Fashion Week designer, his couture garments have been worn by celebrities, dignitaries, and clients with a discerning eye for sophistication and elegance.

DaJon J. has this innate ability to use inspiration from culture, architectural design, and nature to craft iconic and timeless pieces that earmark important milestones in the lives of our clients. His creations help to seal these epic moments in time that they can look back on in reflection and recognize that their memories were made while wearing high fashion pieces by DaJon J. He has made an indelible mark on the world of design and he epitomizes the Intentionality of elegance with his daring choices. Whether he’s designing his latest garment, styling fashionistas and influencers, or capturing clients as the mastermind behind the camera, DaJon knows instinctively what’s needed to push the envelope and to take the client’s experience to the next level. This serial entrepreneur is taking the world by storm and is one to watch as his design house soars to new heights.

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